Google Translate gets smarter offline with on-device AI processing

AI processing is at the core of Google’s current strategy for just about everything they do, and that was incredibly obvious at this year’s Google I/O. Now the power of AI is coming to Google Translate, and that’s going to make your offline experience significantly better.

A few years ago, Google introduced Neural Machine Translation to Google Translate, although it required an internet connection to fully utilize. Now that phones are more powerful and AI processing is happening on the phone itself, Google is removing that online requirement for NMT, so you’ll get all the benefits right in the app itself, no data necessary.

This system works better because it translates sentences in their entirety instead of doing things piece by piece which creates a more accurate picture of a translation instead of the janky half-translations that float around in internet memes. That’s also going to be especially useful for translated articles and whole paragraphs.

For many of us, this might not sound particularly useful, but if you travel often and don’t always have a steady internet connection (or a phone plan that’s active at all) you’ll get significantly better translation results all over the world.

You’ll still need to download the languages for offline use ahead of time, but most of them clock in at around 40mb, which isn’t too bad. Just make sure to get them downloaded before you head off on your next adventure.

source: Google

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