Smart Reply appears to be rolling out to Android Messages outside of Project Fi

Google Allo offered a really cool Smart Reply feature that was initially introduced with Google’s spinoff Inbox app. Smart Reply has made its way to a few other of Google’s own services, most notably Gmail directly, but now it looks like it’s expanding a bit further.

Smart Reply is coming to Android Messages, which should open the AI-powered reply feature to many more users in a conversational setting, which is really cool.

But wait. You’re probably thinking that Android Messages already had Smart Replies, right? It did, actually, but only for Project Fi users. According to a popular Reddit post, the feature appears to be turning on for users outside of Project Fi, and at the very least that’s including T-Mobile users.

This probably means we’re going to see a wider rollout of Smart Reply in Android Messages sooner rather than later, and that’s almost definitely a sign that Allo isn’t going to make it much longer. While we may not ever get the unified messaging service from Google that we all desperately want, at least we’ll get some cool features out of it.

source: Reddit

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