The June Android security bulletin for Nexus and Pixel devices is ready to go

Google has announced the June security bulletin for their Nexus and Pixel smart devices, which includes security fixes and updates, like always. This fixes are immediately available for Google’s own crop of devices, and you can expect the fixes to make their way into monthly security patches for your OEM of choice soon. Hopefully, anyway.

Google has updated Android’s media framework, which is actually a pretty common update/fix in these security bulletins. Many malicious attacks on smart devices have targeted the media framework, so it’s important to keep that up to date and protected from vulnerabilities.

Manufacturers like Qualcomm, NVIDIA, LG, and others have issued specific fixes for their specific hardware, some of which include bootloader exploit fixes, and Google is sending out their own device-specific fixes for Nexus and Pixel devices.

If you want to read any of Google’s specific details, you can find that at the link below. Otherwise, expect these fixes in your next scheduled security update.

source: AOSP