Microsoft to bring Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa to the Xbox One

Microsoft launched the Xbox One with some serious Kinect integration, which eventually fell by the wayside and roughly turned into the current iteration of Cortana. You can do some things with Microsoft’s own virtual assistant, and it matches what you get on Windows 10, but it lacks the wide range of compatibility that competing assistants have.

Well, except Siri. You still aren’t great.

Anyways, now it looks like Microsoft is planning on opening up their Xbox One console to other assistants, which, yes, means you’ll be able to use Google Assistant or Alexa to control your Xbox. Microsoft is already working on getting Alexa functional inside Windows 10, so honestly, this move isn’t too strange.

This option is set to roll out in some insider builds later on, which makes it hard to pinpoint exactly when it will be available for everyone. But whenever it does become official, you should be able to use some old Kinect-like voice commands with, say, your Google Home, to change volumes, launch specific games or apps, and things like that.

E3 is right around the corner, so keep your ears out for anything from Microsoft. It might be more than just video game stuff.

source: Windows Central

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