ASUS announces new gaming oriented ROG Phone

Today as part of Computex 2018, the gamer-focused wing of ASUS – Republic of Gamers – announced the ROG Phone, a device specifically designed and produced for the high-performance mobile gaming market. The ROG Phone comes equipped with high level hardware and some unusual, innovative solutions designed to address some specific challenges to playing games on a smartphone.

To make sure the ROG Phone can keep up with the high demands of mobile games, the device will be equipped with the top-tier Snapdragon 845 processor. On top of that, ASUS says they speed-binned  the processors to ensure only the fastest of the chips were used in production. This enabled them to achieve 2.96GHz speeds. The processor is not the only fast hardware though. The display has been amped up to run at a 90Hz refresh rate and has a 1ms response time. This should minimize any blur or stuttering induced in the visuals.

As you may guess, with that much hardware ready to tackle a mobile game, the potential is there for quite a bit of heat to be generated. To address that issue, ASUS created a “GameCool vapor-chamber cooling system.” It even comes with a detachable AeroActive Cooler that can provide addition cooling. The system makes use of increased surface areas, a copper heat spreader, and carbon cooling pads to dissipate as much heat a possible. ASUS says the system enables clock speeds 50% faster than standard CPU speeds and that these speeds can be maintained up to five times longer than what is possible with a traditional cooling system.

Another twist to the standard phone that ASUS added to this device is the inclusion of a USB-C on the side of the device instead of the traditional bottom edge. This means users can turn their devices sideways for landscape mode gaming action and plug in power for charging or other purposes – like HDMI output or headphones – without the cable being in the way.

ASUS says they included some specific sensors to help gamers. Called AirTrigger touch sensors, they function as the left and right triggers and can be programmed by the user to replace actions that would normally require screen taps. The sensors are located so that they are at the top of the device when held in landscape mode. A third sensor is available for use in portrait mode. ASUS says part of what makes these sensors effective is the light touch necessary to activate them – only 20g which is about one-quarter of the typical force needed with touch-sensitive controls.

Some other features of the phone include an illuminated rear logo that can function as a notification light. water-resistance, and a 4,000mAh battery.

ASUS also took steps to make it possible for the ROG Phone to serve as the heart of a bigger gaming system. The ROG Phone supports a TwinView Dock that gives users the option to mount their phone in the device which has a second 6-inch AMOLED display – basically doubling the phone’s own screen – for split screen action. The TwinView dock also includes front-facing quad-speakers, a couple physical trigger buttons, a side-mounted USB port, and a 6,000mAh battery pack. Going even bigger, users can get a Mobile Desktop Dock that can be used to connect to a monitor – up to 4K UHD, a mouse and keyboard. For the absolute biggest action, a Gamevice controller with a WiGig dock will be available. Pop the ROG Phone in and it effectively turns the Gamevice into a dedicated gaming platform.

ASUS says the ROG Phone will be released during the third quarter of 2018. Details regarding pricing, configuration options and market availability is not yet available.

source: ASUS (Business Wire PR)

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