Samsung doesn’t have to update their older phones, according to court ruling

When you’re hanging on to an older phone, you’re usually also hoping for more software updates to keep your phone as close as possible to the latest OS and without any glaring security holes. Some manufacturers and carriers do a better job than others when it comes to updating phones that are more than six months old, but according to a court in the Netherlands, there’s no real obligation to do so.

Yep, Samsung went to court over updating older devices, and the court decided that Samsung isn’t required to keep their older gadgets up to date. The consumer group that filed the lawsuit claims that Samsung should offer updates for four years after a phone originally goes on sale, and Samsung wasn’t distributing those updates in a timely manner.

Samsung’s counter-argument was that they clearly state that they offer two years worth of updates, which is clearly listed on their website.

So is two years long enough? Turns out, it’s totally irrelevant. The court ruled in Samsung’s favor because the claims made by the consumer watchdog group argued about “future acts,” as in security flaws or bugs discovered down the line past the point where it would make sense to update the device. All in all, kind of a dumb argument to try and base the entire lawsuit around, and it didn’t work out for them.

I think there are valid points from both arguments, but from a consumer point of view, it’s nice to get more than two years worth of updates, and, more specifically, it’s nice to get timely updates. The Galaxy S8 is running Android 8.0 Oreo, and Android P is about to be released. Come on, Samsung.

source: BBC

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  • Danny

    Samsung being so slow to update is the reason why when I switch from my iPhone, that I’ll be going with a Pixel phone instead. I’m used to OS updates as soon as they’re released.