Andy Rubin’s done, and don’t expect an Essential Phone 2

If you ever need to know what not to do when launching a new flagship phone or phone manufacturer, simply look to Andy Rubin and his company, Essential. While the Essential Phone was a genuinely cool product and a great phone, Rubin botched just about every step of the process and hamstrung the company every change he could.

With that being said, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Essential most likely won’t be making an Essential Phone 2. Rubin has reached out to try and sell off Essential as a company to anyone that’s interested, and they’ve scrapped any plans for a successor.

Disappointing? Sure. But it’s really hard to successfully sell anything when you repeatedly miss launch targets, delay certain color options because you have no idea how manufacturing works, leak customer data, and whatever else Essential did wrong that I’m tired of looking up now. I get it, I’m being harsh, but damn, Andy. I could’ve done a better job.

So while Essential is deciding whether or not to sell off its entire company or possibly piecemeal out its talent, patent portfolio, and IP separately, we’re left wondering if those two years of promised updates will ring true. But if you’re thinking about buying one and can catch a good sale, you might not want to hesitate.

source: Bloomberg

About the Author: Jared Peters

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