Huawei is ditching their official bootloader unlock program

If you’re heavy into tinkering with your smartphones, you probably have a few devices and brands that you absolutely refuse to buy simply because they’re very difficult to customize. Some manufacturers openly embrace the modding community, including offering some decent support for third-party ROMs, but not all of them.

Huawei has been pretty good about allowing users to officially unlock the bootloader on their smartphones which would make the process of installing unofficial updates or tweaks much, much easier. But starting today, all new Huawei devices going forward will no longer be able to have the bootloader unlocked through Huawei’s service, and the service will stop working in 60 days for all older models. Huawei says this is to prevent issues with users flashing custom ROMs, but that’s kind of a flimsy excuse when that’s exactly what an unlocked bootloader should help facilitate.

This is kind of a last minute notice, so if you’re the type to really care about this stuff, you’re going to want to start blowing up social media sooner rather than later. It might be too late to really change Huawei’s mind, but now’s your chance.

source: Paul O’Brien (Twitter)