YouTube Music will eventually pick up all of Google Play Music’s features

When Google announced YouTube Music in the middle of the night last week we were left with a ton of questions about how much it really could replace Google Play Music. Not only was pricing pretty fuzzy for early GPM adopters, but it looked like there were quite a few features that were being left out of YouTube Music.

And, well, that’s still mostly true. Being able to upload your own music, for example, is totally missing from YouTube Music, but the good news is that Google eventually wants to bring all those features over to the new streaming service before inevitably killing off Google Play Music. To make that a little bit easier, Google is also working on getting all of your music collection and playlists to migrate directly to YouTube Music with minimal pain on your part.

I don’t trust them to not mess up part of it, but I’d much rather tidy up a collection instead of building a new one from scratch.

The new feature additions do include the ability to buy music from Google Play and listen in YouTube Music, instead of listening in Google Play Music. You know, because Google is atrocious at naming products.

The target for all of this seems to be sometime in 2019, although Google seems pretty lax about actually hitting that date, so it could be a little later. Breathe easy if you’re deep into the GPM platform for now, and hopefully the migration won’t be too painful in a few years.

source: The Verge

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