Is Samsung working on a smartwatch running Wear OS instead of Tizen?

Samsung dabbled in Android Wear smartwatches in the past, although they never did particularly well. Now that Android Wear has been rebranded as Wear OS, is it time for Samsung to give the platform another shot? Maybe Tizen’s on the way out after all.

Okay, so that second thing probably won’t happen. Samsung’s Gear line of watches right now are arguably the most successful smartwatches outside of the Apple Watch, and Tizen works really well for them in that regard. But like Android as an operating system, when you’re using the platform that everyone else is using, it opens up more possibilities on things like third party app support.

According to Evan Blass on Twitter, some Samsung employees are using Gear watches that are running Wear OS, which means Samsung’s doing or testing something on that front. We might not see anything about this year, even, but if they have prototypes running Wear OS for daily use like that, it’s further along than just an idea.

Would you rather stick with Tizen watches or are you excited to see some new Wear OS options?

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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