[TA Deals] Grab the Ethical Hacking A to Z bundle for less than $40 right now

Ethical hacking is a skill in high demand right now, especially with the reliance on network infrastructure for even the smallest apps and services. The best way to figure out how to make something secure is to figure out how to break into it first, and that’s exactly what the Ethical Hacking A to Z bundle can teach you to do.

You’ll get eight courses in this bundle with dozens of hours worth of content, covering network penetration and security, bug hunting, and attack automation. There are even a few courses that cover mobile devices, too, making this an incredibly broad bundle.

Buying all of this content individually would be pretty expensive, but right now you can score everything from Talk Android Deals for just $39. Compared to its list price of around $1300, that’s as close to 100% off as you’re going to get.

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