DirecTV Now update brings the cloud DVR out of beta

DirecTV Now is getting an update today, adding in some beta features that early adopters have been testing for the past few months. This update includes the coveted cloud DVR, an option to pay for a third concurrent stream, and a new coat of paint for the interface.

Users will now get a free 20 hours of cloud storage with DTV Now’s DVR, allowing you to store recorded content to watch anywhere, anytime. I’ve been in the beta for a while now, and while the DVR has gotten better over time it’s still pretty janky at times in the beta app, so hopefully it makes a smooth transition to the mainstream.

If you have a ton of users in your house, you can pay DirecTV Now an extra $5 per month to gain access to a third stream, and you’ll be able to watch local channels wherever you’re at, assuming DirecTV Now has the streaming rights to that particular market. There’s also a new interface that rearranges things to work a bit better, and you’ll be able to keep watching your current show while browsing other available shows.

This update is hitting Apple devices, select Chromecast devices, and web browsers today, with Android devices, Fire TV devices, and Roku devices in the next few weeks.

About the Author: Jared Peters

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