YouTube might get an incognito mode soon

The theme of the year for Google is more control over your privacy and digital connected-ness, and we’ve seen quite a few new features that give users granular control over that stuff coming out of Google I/O. Another new feature might be on its way to YouTube to pad that out a bit.

Some users are apparently seeing a server-side change from Google that enables an incognito mode on YouTube that will temporarily hide your account, pausing your watch history and subscription activity. There are already settings in the YouTube Android app that to pause tracking on what you’re watching, and you’ve always been able to simply sign out of YouTube and watch privately, but having a single, easy-to-access button to jump into that is very convenient.

The button gets added to where the account switch toggle currently lives, and it pretty much works like incognito mode on Google Chrome. Nothing you watch will be recorded, and you won’t have access to your subscriptions. Then once you turn it off, everything returns to normal.

This feature seems to be in very early testing, so keep an eye out for it in the near future.

source: Android Police

About the Author: Jared Peters

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