Trump wants to help ZTE get back in the game, just days after destroying their business

A few days ago ZTE had to tap out of the smartphone business completely after the US sanctioned the company to prevent them from doing business with American manufacturers. Now President Trump wants to work with China to figure out a way to get ZTE back in the game. Confused? Yeah, me too.

Politics aside, Trump has always been pretty adamantly against China in favor of protectionist policies, and his latest round of sanctions were very specifically targeted to damage ZTE. So to almost immediately try to figure out a way around those sanctions doesn’t really make any sense, and seems to clash with the earlier anti-China rhetoric.

It would be nice to see ZTE still be able to manufacturer and sell phones, simply because having more competition is a good thing. But this has been a roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs, and I don’t expect this to be the last we hear about it.

source: Donald Trump (Twitter)

  • RedPanda87

    I suspect China probably had a word with him.

    • pda96

      I’m sure China did just that. However, I can only hope Trump is smart enough (I know, tall order) to extract some serious concessions out of the Chinese in the trade talks.

  • bolski

    He didn’t stop them from maunfacturing phones. It’s just sanctions were placed against them from being able to sell them in the US. And it wasn’t just the US that wanted to stop because of the spyware issue. So blaming Trump is just ludicrous. This article goes SO over the top with it’s headlines. It’s a shame really because I look to many of these sites to get my android news and this one just makes me shake my head. Sensationalism at it’s best.

    • Richard Dennis

      But that’s what all articles do these days… I mean.. You know that Trump as totally Responsible for WWII right? Sure he was born the year after WWII but it was still his fault. I am completely convinced if Trump changed his political party to Democrat.. Every single man, woman, and child legal or not(alive or not) would be a registered Republican in this country. And if he came out Pro Air half the country would self suffocate. Its just the world we live in.. But i think it goes deeper than that… If McCain had won the election the left would have called him a trader to the country.. Or if Carly Fiorina would have won.. She would have been a Nazi woman hater.. Or if Cruz or Rubio would have won they would have been Latin Drug Kings… Or if Ben Carson would have won he would have been an Uncle Tom… None of this has anything to do with the people anymore.. It all about the Politics of Resist Resist Resist… Sadly…. The Republican Party did exactly that for the last 8 years… So you really cant blame the Democrats for learning the game well… You know who wins this fight? MONEY(The money doesn’t care what party you belong to.. Its going to win every election)… you know who loses? The citizens of this once great country..

    • Jared Peters

      So, just to get some clarification here…

      No, the US didn’t explicitly prevent ZTE from manufacturing phones. But a ban on ZTE sourcing components from US companies, including things like the operating system that ZTE phones use, effectively does prevent ZTE from making phones on a global stage. It’s not like getting kicked out of Fry’s so you go to Best Buy, there are some things that you can only get from American companies and there aren’t acceptable substitutes.

      And you’re also right that it’s not Trump’s fault that it happened (lol that I even have to clarify that) but he instituted the sanctions against ZTE (rightfully so) and then almost immediately turned around and said the sanctions needed to be lifted because it would destroy jobs, despite the fact that destroying jobs is pretty much what sanctions are supposed to do. That’s some serious whiplash.

      Hope that helps you understand things a little better!