Google is taking your digital wellbeing more seriously with new updates

Digital wellbeing was repeatedly mentioned during the Google I/O keynote today, and it’s clearly going to be a priority for Google going forward. We saw a ton of new features based on the concept with Android P’s new features, but some of Google’s apps are getting the health treatment today.

Android P sports a new awareness dashboard, which you can read up on here, but outside of the OS, some apps are getting new features, too. YouTube specifically is getting break reminders, which was actually hinted at in a previous APK teardown.

Whenever you’ve been watching videos for too long, YouTube will show a pop-up suggesting that you take a break and go do something else. It’s customizable, so if you just aren’t ashamed of your eight hour YouTube binges you can turn off the nagging, but you can also adjust when you’ll be nudged about it, too.

To keep up with your watch time, Google is also going to start tracking how much you watch devices so you can actually see how many hours you burn every week watching cat videos and Let’s Plays.

Other apps, like Gmail, are getting priority inboxes (like what Inbox offers) to reduce distractions, and YouTube will begin rolling out a daily digest of things to watch instead of constant badgering notifications.

Regardless of whether or not you think you spend too much time connected to your phone, I think we can all agree fewer notifications and distractions throughout the day are a good thing.

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source: Google

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