Mophie has officially released their extended battery cases for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

Mophie is best known for their extended battery cases and accessories for smartphones, and if you’re someone that’s ever tried to get the most battery life out of a smartphone, you’re probably familiar with them. They announced a set of cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ earlier this year, and now they’re officially available to purchase for anyone that just needs a few more hours out of the phone before rushing to a charger.

Both cases offer durable protection and up to 32 extra hours of battery life off a single charge, and they’re totally functional with all of your existing Qi wireless chargers. No need to worry about picking up any weird proprietary accessories to keep using what you already have.

They’re also fairly low profile, so you won’t mar the slim design of Samsung’s engineers with a big bulky case.

And if you are interested in picking up either case, Mophie will offer a bundle discount if you also purchase a wireless charging pad, wall charger, or USB adapter. Not a bad time to stock up for your brand new phone.

source: Mophie

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