[TA Deals] Grab a discounted lifetime subscription to Windscribe VPN for just $69

Lifetime subscriptions to VPNs can be an excellent deal, since you’ll always want privacy and security but you probably don’t always want a recurring charge on your credit card. Right now we’re offering multi-year and lifetime subs to Windscribe VPN so you can lock into a deal without paying every month for it.

Windscribe is a powerful VPN that includes some browser extensions to help you circumvent georestrictions, stay secure online, and protect your privacy. It includes apps for all popular smartphone and desktop platforms, too, so you can use this deal on all of your devices.

  • Mask your physical location from 3rd parties w/ an encrypted tunnel
  • Access geo-locked content from anywhere
  • Avoid most ads while you’re browsing
  • Torrent securely & share files w/o worrying about your ISP snooping on you
  • Use on all your devices simultaneously
  • Get protected by the top-notch firewall that protects you in case of connectivity loss
  • Leave no trace or logs while you browse

A lifetime to Windscribe is down to just $69, a full 92% off what they’d consider the list price. If you really don’t want to commit that long, you can still get one year for $19, three years for $22, or five years for $39, which are still great deals considering the services costs around $100 per year anyway.

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