US government orders military bases to remove all stock of Huawei and ZTE phones

The US government has been in a spat with ZTE and Huawei recently, with issues ranging from sanction violations to national security concerns. That conflict is escalating today, and it’s going to hurt the sales of both companies’ phones even more.

The Pentagon has ordered US military bases to stop selling any Huawei or ZTE devices and pull them from shelves, and that includes not only smartphones but any wireless devices. The Department of Defense claims that these devices could pose a security risk to anyone using them.

There’s a loophole, though; any military member can still use these devices if they buy them elsewhere, and there’s no restriction on that despite a warning that they may not be safe. So if you’re already using a Huawei or ZTE phone, you won’t have to give up your equipment. Not yet, anyway.

Update: Huawei has issued a statement regarding the order from the US government to remove all of their devices from Military bases.

Huawei’s products are sold in 170 countries worldwide and meet the highest standards of security, privacy and engineering in every country we operate globally including the US. We remain committed to openness and transparency in everything we do and want to be clear that no government has ever asked us to compromise the security or integrity of any of our networks or devices. Huawei is an employee-owned company and will continue to develop its global business through a significant commitment to innovation and R&D as well as to delivering technology that helps our customers succeed.

source: Wall Street Journal

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Damn, that’s pretty serious.

  • Zman

    Does this story make any sense? Buy them off base and keep them? Duh!!

    • Dan Kenney

      Sure. Banning the sale on military bases and taking away your property are two very different things. The government is simply saying that we aren’t going to provide you opportunity to buy hacker-friendly phones where we can control that.