Iran predictably bans Telegram, impacting 40 million in the country

Last month, Russia blocked the encrypted messaging service Telegram after they refused to provide users’ encryption keys to authorities. Russia claimed the encryption keys were necessary for surveillance in counterterrorism. The judiciary arm of Iran has now followed suit, blocking the encrypted messaging service’s site and app countrywide in the name of national security.

Iranian officials say that Telegram was being used to organize protests over economic concerns, which happened in over 80 cities during the month of January. Judiciary website Mizan showed a quote from a court order, which claimed that the service was used to spread “propaganda against the establishment, terrorist activities, spreading lies to incite public opinion, anti-government protests, and pornography.”

Iran isn’t leaving its citizens out in the cold, though. They’re providing a state-run messaging service called Soroush that is similar in use to Telegram, complete with stickers that say “Death to America.” There’s a catch, of course. Authorities will likely have a backdoor to monitor conversations.

Source: The Next Web

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