Images of the HTC U12+ have been leaked

Good news for HTC fans; some images of the HTC U12+ have reportedly leaked thanks to a Taiwanese Facebook page, and it shows the front and back of the device in decent detail. The leak doesn’t reveal much about specs or any information like that, but there are a few things we can glean just from seeing the actual device.

First up, you’ll probably notice the dual-camera system on the back of the device. This was something that was popularized by HTC years ago, right before HTC stopped messing with two camera setups while everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. This would mark a big return to form for HTC, with hopefully stellar results.

HTC is sticking with a glossy glass design that sports some subtle curves, and there’s still a fingerprint scanner placed on the back of the device. No tricky in-screen reader here. But hey, at least there’s no display notch!

There’s a USB C port along the bottom edge of the phone next to a single speaker, which means those huge BoomSound speakers won’t be making a comeback. There’s no 3.5mm headphone jack, either.

Overall, the device certainly looks like a continuation of what HTC was going for with the mildly popular HTC U11. I don’t think that’s going to be enough to turn things around without some insane marketing blitz and a little bit of luck, but at least if you know you like HTC’s current plan, you won’t be disappointed this year.

source: Techno Codex

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • pda96

    Gotta hand it to HTC. They sure know how to make sales duds.

  • Doug Richardson

    Boring! I will stick with my HTC 10 that may go down as the last great HTC offering.