Fuchsia OS officially shows up in AOSP, hints at native Android app support

Google’s Fuchsia OS has been a mystery ever since it was hinted at several years back, and despite Google kind of officially acknowledging it, we know almost nothing about it.

From previous leaks, we can guess that it’s an operating system meant to bridge the divide between Android and Chrome OS, possibly for tablets and laptops but less likely for smartphones. It’s distinctly different from Android in its current state, though, which gets even weirder now that we have laptop style devices running Android applications.

But now, Fuchsia has officially been added to AOSP, which is the code base from which Android is built. And more specifically, Fuchsia OS is showing up in the ART branch, which means that it should natively support Android applications. Interesting, right?

Unfortunately, that’s all we have for you. Google I/O is right around the corner so we might hear something else about it soon, but as is, we’re still making blind guesses as to what Google’s planning on doing here.

source: Mishaal Rahman (Twitter)