Samsung ships 8 million Galaxy S9 phones in a month, matching the Galaxy S8 and trailing the Galaxy S7

Samsung has reportedly shipped 8 million Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ phones in the month after launch, tying last year’s Galaxy S8 models but lagging just short of the Galaxy S7 in the same time span. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge managed to move about 9 million phones, for reference.

There were some other interesting points of information in the report, too. The Galaxy S9+ made up a larger percentage of phones shipped, although it wasn’t disclosed exactly what those percentages are. Samsung also moved nearly 3 million phones to the United States, with 1 million going to their home country of South Korea.

This isn’t bad news for Samsung by any stretch, but it does show a constant trend in a market saturated by premium smartphones. Other companies are seeing stalling or declining flagship sales, and Samsung is going to have a very tough time selling more Galaxy S9 phones than it did Galaxy S7 models.

source: Canalys