Say goodbye to Google Play Music, and get ready for YouTube Remix

Google’s next music streaming service is shrouded in mystery, and part of that is because Google technically already operates two music services with Google Play Music and YouTube Music/YouTube Red. We’ve heard that a merger of the two platforms is coming, that it should’ve been announced by now, and that nobody really knows exactly what it is.

Well, according to Droid Life, that new service is going to be called YouTube Remix, and according to the source of the info, it’s going to send Google Play Music out back, Old Yeller style.

We’ve been hearing about this new service for a while, but so far all we really know is that Google has several record labels on board, and it’s going to be a serious competitor to Spotify and Apple Music. It will mix a music streaming service with video, which caters to both of YouTube’s biggest strengths, and will focus heavily on recommendations and smart playlists like Google Play Music already does.

So how exactly will this transition happen? We don’t really know. The rumor suggests that Google Play Music will be killed off pretty quickly after the announcement of the new service, with users being forced into YouTube Remix by the end of 2018. If this service gets announced at Google I/O, that’s about a six month window for everyone to move over and get comfortable with Google’s new offering.

And that still leaves a lot of questions, too. Will YouTube Remix still bundle in an ad-free YouTube experience? Can users still upload their personal music libraries to stream on the go, and will custom playlists carry over without causing everyone a massive headache? So far, we really don’t know, but we’re hoping Google has some answers soon.

source: Droid Life

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Ware52

    I don’t subscribe to any streaming service, it just doesn’t interest me. I have uploaded all my music into Google Play though – that way I can listen to my music around my house using my various Home devices.

    I hope Google don’t kill it.

    • AngelInTheSky

      I hope that they don’t kill it myself.