Move over, Bixby; LG will include a dedicated Google Assistant button on the G7

We know the LG G7 is coming at some point this year, but with LG scrapping their original plan and shifting the focus of the device, there’s still a lot we’re curious about when it comes to the actual features of the phones. We’ve seen a few leaks up until now, but perhaps one of the most interesting things to look forward to will be a dedicated virtual assistant button on the 2018 version of LG’s flagship.

Similar to what Samsung is doing with their (objectively terrible) Bixby button, LG will include a button on the side of the G7 ThinQ that will quickly activate Google Assistant. On the one hand, I really like that LG isn’t trying to force their own awful voice assistant into the crowded market, but on the other, do we really need dedicated physical buttons to this? And no, apparently you won’t be able to remap it to any old app, either.

With all of that being said, it does also mean that LG is going to double down and focus even more on Google Assistant’s integrated AI capabilities like what we saw with the V30S. That part is actually really cool, especially for anyone diving deep into Google’s ecosystem.

Whatever your thoughts may be, at least LG has built up a little bit of hype around their phone this year.

source: CNet

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  • Ultras1986

    i like more pixel active edge, than those lg and samsung assistant buttons