Allo is on its way to Google’s pile of dead messaging apps

Google Allo is a really cool app, don’t get me wrong. Many of us here like it for what it is, but still can’t use it for what it’s not, and Google took forever to get the app’s feature set up to snuff. Instead of rushing to add things like, say, independent desktop access, Google kept adding new stickers. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Allo didn’t light the world on fire, and now it looks like Google is going to let the app fall to the wayside.

Allo isn’t going anywhere, at least not right away. But an earlier article goes into Google’s big plan for Chat, a unified messaging service for all Android devices that use Android Message, and that means Allo can’t stay in the spotlight.

Google is “pausing investment” into Allo and moving those resources over to the Android Messages team to create one great solution instead of trying and failing to compete with the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other heavy hitters in the market.

So, we have to ask; are you still using Allo? And if you are, what are you thinking about switching to?

source: The Verge

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Dan G

    I never even bother with other Google messaging services. Google Hangouts and Google Voice works for me