Google Play Store will see an all-white UI redesign

Google periodically updates and changes the design of the Play Store for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a small tweak to one particular section of Google’s app store, but other times it can be a pretty drastic change of the entire design of the app.

According to a recent APK teardown and inspection from 9to5Google, there are some key changes coming to the Play Store that will shake up the interface more than usual.

Some new code indicates that Google will be adopting a mostly white interface for the Google Play Store, ditching many of the green accents that we’re currently used to. It’s not a drastic overhaul, but it does see the old Android Market’s green remnants finally disappear after so many years.

The side hamburger menu is one of the biggest changes, though. Aside from Google just reorganizing the placement of some of the shortcuts in that menu, the links for Play Movies, Play Music, Play Books, and Play Newsstand have lost their color and now open their respective apps and services.

Lastly, when you’re checking out the “more details” section of an app, you’ll notice some UI redesigns such as less green (again) and the app name and developer listed at the top of the page, creating a much more relevant look.


There are also bits of code that hint at the Play Stop recommending similar apps to whatever the user is trying to install, which may be used for things like Google’s Lite versions of some of their applications.

All in all, this looks like a moderate change to the Play Store. It’s not the biggest change we’ve seen, but it’s hardly a small step. Keep in mind, though, that all pre-release changes like this are, well, not official, and they can change and have more added before it actually rolls out the public, whenever that may be.

source: 9to5Google

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