Sprint and Google Voice will go their separate ways this June

Way back in Android’s lifespan (seriously, 2011 kind of wayback) Sprint and Google teamed up to integrate the carrier’s service with Google Voice services. It was a pretty nifty partnership and really the only one of its kind, but up until now, it’s worked without a hitch. Sprint users could take advantage of all the cool features that Google Voice offered, even if Google ignored the service for the most part.

Those features included voicemail transcription and call forwarding, all while sticking with your regular Sprint number. I can’t speak for how popular it was, but apparently some new network changes on Sprint’s end are going to split up this beautiful relationship in June of this year.

So that’s bad news for anyone that’s still rocking a Sprint phone number that’s integrated into Google Voice. On June 1st, all of your calls and texts will go through Sprint directly, skipping Google Voice’s inbox. Additionally, you’ll need to either get a new Google Voice number or leave Sprint entirely to keep using Google’s service.

I doubt this will be a significant disadvantage for many people, especially since Google has all but ignored their own platform for years now, but I’m sure there a few holdouts that will run into a headache. On the bright side, you can always install the Google Voice apps and work around your baked in system applications.

source: Android Police

About the Author: Jared Peters

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