Anker drops into the security camera market with the Eufy EverCam Kickstarter

Connected gadgets and smart home products are increasingly popular, which is probably pretty obvious if you’ve kept up with Amazon and Google. Digital doorbells, WiFi cameras, and smart locks are all the rage, which means you’re going to see more companies dip their toes in the water.

Anker, for example, uses their Eufy brand for connected gadgets around your house. Their current project, the wireless EverCam, is going live on Kickstarter as of today.

The EverCam aims to compete with the Nest Cam and Amazon’s CloudCam, offering competitive features at a competitive price. You’ll get a feature set that covers the best of the best, including full HD video recording, facial recognition and motion detection, and night vision, plus a waterproof and totally wireless design.

So the Eufy EverCam is similar to some of those other cams, but what exactly makes it different? Well, as far as video quality goes, it’s actually a bit worse than Nest’s latest and greatest, but it is totally wireless with a very long lasting battery.  It’s on par with Amazon’s Cloud Cam, but with local storage options, Eufy isn’t trying to lock you into monthly subscription fees. So while there are pros and cons here, the EverCam looks interesting thanks to its battery-powered, wireless design and one-time cost.

On the smart feature side, the EverCam still offers motion detection, and it will learn faces and pets so you won’t get any false alarms. The high quality camera can shoot out notifications to your phone based on your preferences, and it’ll work in just about any situation thanks to its night vision mode and weatherproofing.

The Eufy EverCam will retail for $299 for a single camera or $499 for a pair of cameras, although if you want to get in on the Kickstarter you can get some pretty cheap deals before they’re officially available. You can store everything locally on an encrypted microSD card (a 16GB card is included with purchase) and Anker will be offering a $2.99 per month cloud storage option if you don’t mind paying a bit more. You can check out more info at the Kickstarter page below.

source: Kickstarter


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