Upcoming refresh to give Gmail a makeover and add new features

Google I/O 2018 is less than a month away, which means that we can look forward to a bunch of updates and makeovers for the search giant’s apps and software. It seems that Gmail will get a major refresh in the coming weeks, with several features that are currently present in the Inbox app making their way over. Besides adding new features, the update will also implement Google’s bubble design into the app. 

According to images received by Android Authority, the update will add features such as smart replies, the ability to snooze emails and choose when they reappear in the inbox, as well as a sidebar of plugins for Google apps such as Keep and Calendar. The Tasks function has been refreshed with an updated UI and will continue to be built-in to Gmail. Offline support is also set to gain native offline support by June 2018.

Finally, the refreshed Gmail will allow users to choose from three different layouts:

  • Default: Types of email attachments in the inbox in the form of icons
  • Comfortable: Attachment icons replaced by the familiar paperclip which shows that an attachment is present
  • Compact: As above, but with less vertical whitespace

While it’s not known exactly when the new Gmail will begin rolling out, with Google I/O on the horizon, it seems a safe bet to presume it will be in the next four weeks or so.

What do you think of the Gmail refresh? What features would you like to see unveiled?

Source: Android Authority

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