Snap didn’t learn their lesson, will try to create Spectacles 2.0

Remember Snap’s Spectacles? No? It’s okay, they weren’t very good. They were so bad, actually, that Snap ended up with tons of excess parts and materials laying around that they couldn’t do anything with. You’d think that would be a pretty clear sign that the market doesn’t want your idea, but Snapchat’s parent company is pretty infamous for repeatedly putting their hand on a hot stove.

So now we have an FCC filing from Snap that hints at another pair of electronic glasses with built-in WiFi with the model number 002. That’s a pretty apparent hint at Spectacles 2.0, for better or worse.

Otherwise, there aren’t very many details about this device. We know it’ll support ac WiFi networks for faster transfers, and some rumors have pegged a version of the device with dual cameras and integrated GPS.

This could always be another FCC filing that simply doesn’t go anywhere, or it could be another fun disaster to watch. Either way, good luck, Snap.

source: FCC
via: Engadget