Essential Phone gets notch customization options in latest update

Essential has dropped an update for their flagship phone, and it’s bringing a unique customization option to help users adjust how the notch in the display reacts to apps.

Notched screens typically interrupt content and have Android render around the irregular display, but the Essential Phone has a pretty small notch that gives you another option. Instead of working around the notch, Essential gives you the option to have the screen pretend like the notch isn’t there and you’ll just have the cutout blocking some content. That’s not perfect, but it does have advantages in certain apps.

Essential has planned ahead for that, too. The newest update for the phone gives you the option to always render behind the notch, never render when in landscape, or follow Essential’s recommended settings for each app. It seems like Essential has done a bit of testing to try and make sure the experience is satisfactory for most people, but if you’d rather have fine control over everything, you can even set things up on a per app basis.

Tell us your thoughts on how you think phones should handle display notches in the comments!

via: Android Police

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