OnePlus confirms some details of the OnePlus 6 ahead of official announcement

OnePlus has confirmed some of the details and hardware of their upcoming OnePlus 6, letting us know what to expect before it’s officially announced. There’s not much here that we didn’t already know from leaks, but at least now this does away with some of the fuzzier details.

The details come from a forum post from CEO Pete Lau, and he digs deep into the philosophy behind OnePlus’s decisions for their smartphones. They aim to create fast phones, but not simply phones that score high in benchmarks; they want a phone that feels fast and creates a fluid user experience, which is easily one of the strongest points about their phones.

To create that experience, OnePlus picked the latest Snapdragon 845 and paired it with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, which is probably the most over-spec’d smartphone we’ve seen to date. That hardware matches up with some of the rumors we’ve seen, so you can expect an extraordinarily powerful device out of the OnePlus 6.

But the hardware is only half the story, and we’ve all been very curious about how OnePlus will implement a notched display. During development OnePlus wanted to use the notch and stick with it, but after hearing a bunch of feedback they’ve decided to implement an option that will allow you to turn the notch on and off via software settings. Huawei has done something similar, and it at least gives users a choice if they absolutely hate the design choice.

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