Transparent Market, GMail, and Facebook apps released courtesy of XDA

Some of us really dig our wallpapers, and customization is one of the biggest reasons we love Android. XDA forum members keep feeding this hunger. Recently XDA forum member deciple has posted a Transparent Market apk (2.3.4). This version of the market lets you see your current wallpaper when browsing for new apps.

Deciple has also made available Transparent GMail and Transparent Facebook, and it seems likely we will see more transparent versions of other Android apps.

Head on over to the XDA Forums for links and instructions or to join the discussion.

[via xda developers]

  • omfgmonkeys

    It’s sh*t like this that makes me loose all hope in mankind, seriously, there’s a reason the damned apps aren’t transparent in the first place. Hours spend around designing the ui of these apps and some enlightened monkeys decide it’s better to destroy the app by shoehorning their 1999 wallpapers into the app. I’m scared of how your computers look like.

  • YoureAnIdiot

    “… customization is one of the biggest reasons we love Android.”

    Nobody is asking you if you want or like these transparent apps. The point is that they are available. If you want cookie cutter, “my phone looks the same as every other sheep’s phone” then get the iPhone.

  • jess

    The apps are transparent dumb ass….you see whatever wallpaper is on YOUR DEVICE. Ppl should maybe read the entire article before you bitch about it. IMO these markets are way better looking than stock.