Huawei is still committed to the US market despite security concerns

Huawei has had an undoubtedly stressful 2018, and it’s been a major setback to their plans of expanding into the flagship market in the US. Despite that, Huawei says they’re still very committed to their US operations and misplaced security suspicions aren’t going to change that.

Up to this point, most of Huawei’s problems have come from the US government raising an eyebrow over potential security concerns from Huawei. While the company claims those are baseless accusations, it’s still been a huge obstacle to try and hurdle.

Many US agencies have straight up told Americans not to buy Huawei devices, claiming they’re being used to spy on customers. Huawei denies that and backs it up its longstanding partnerships with other mobile operators around the world, and CEO Richard Yu even says he’d welcome an open discussion about the situation.

Huawei currently employs 1000 people in US offices and does have a small presence in the market thanks to some prepaid and unlocked sales. They’re struggling to keep their phones on shelves and carriers won’t touch them, but thanks to online stores they’ve still managed to get some devices into consumer hands.

For the near future, it looks like that won’t change. You can expect to see Huawei continue to try and build relationships and secure more deals, which may or may not look. But either way, giving up on the US market doesn’t appear to be an option.

source: CNET

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Major_Pita

    This stuation is now old news but dispite that there’s a certain element of the pot calling the kettle black since the NSA and similar entities have no problem spying on us and everyone else. Certain Android apps were suspected of gathering information and forwarding it to undesired recipients as well. It would seem the main concern is whether the Huawei devices have any of the infamous back doors that certain router chips have had and whether there’s a way to certify that they do not.