Don’t expect to buy a Huawei P20 in the US

The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro look like pretty fantastic devices. The cameras are impressive, the hardware is top-notch, and they’ve got a slick dual-tone paint design.

Just don’t expect to buy it in the US.

Now, Huawei’s no stranger to struggling to get onto US shelves. They’ve fought with carriers, they’re losing their place in Best Buy, and they’ve just overall had a really bad 2018. That’s not going to change with this particular flagship, either, as the company has already straight up said they’re not planning on bothering.

At the very least, that means you won’t be able to buy one through official channels. If you’re up for importing one, you can definitely still do that and figure out carrier compatibility on your own, but that comes with its own obstacles.

Bad news, US Huawei fans. Maybe one of these days we’ll figure something out.

via: TechCrunch