Best Buy stops carrying Huawei smartphones

Huawei’s year hasn’t been great, especially after infamously losing a carrier deal with AT&T right before announcing US availability for the Mate 10 Pro. But don’t worry, it can always get worse.

And yep, things are definitely getting worse. Best Buy will reportedly stop ordering any new Huawei stock, making it even harder to get the company’s devices in the US.

Normally this wouldn’t be too tragic for Huawei, but in the US it’s already impossible to purchase any of their devices on a major carrier. There are very few Huawei phones available on prepaid carriers, so if you wanted anything high end you were stuck using places like Best Buy. Now that this avenue is disappearing, it’s going to be really tough to walk into a store and purchase anything like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. In fact, at this point it might just be impossible unless you’re willing to order online.

Best Buy didn’t explicitly comment on the situation, but sources close to the retailer say Best Buy made this decision, now the other way around. It’s another step in a series of slightly hostile actions against Chinese manufacturers, partially due to security concerns. That’s been an issue for Huawei in the United States for quite some time, too.

Things aren’t looking great for Huawei’s US expansion, although you can still make phone purchases through Amazon and Newegg, plus some other more traditional retailers like Target, albeit with a significantly diminished selection.

via: CNet

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