Huawei releases new P20 promo videos highlighting camera features

One of the few areas where we continue to see smartphone manufacturers working to differentiate themselves from the competition is in the camera capabilities and features of their devices. Besides trying to “one up” their competitors in a bid to win buyers, these companies are also chasing an elusive standard of being able to compete with DSLR cameras.  Huawei is the latest to take a crack at this in a series of new promo videos released on YouTube for their upcoming Huawei P20 devices that suggest their smartphone is better than a dedicated camera.

The first two teaser videos were released a couple days ago and cover features like zoom and being able to properly light up a subject. In the video covering zoom capabilities, Huawei contrasts the P20 with the need for multiple cameras equipped with lens of various focal lengths and zoom capabilities. The other video shows a photographer utilizing a range of lighting devices from a camera’s basic pop up flash to bolt on flashes to umbrella lights and soft boxes. Meanwhile, the P20 user presumably achieves similar or better results in a much faster and easier fashion. The two videos are titled “See Closer” and “See Brighter” respectively.

Two more videos were released today titled “See Smarter” and “See Faster”. The first one takes a poke at photographers going through all kinds of steps to get distances and angles right while a P20 user will once again be able to point and shoot and let the camera app handle any needed adjustments. The second video highlights the time it takes for a DSLR user to setup a tripod, get lens covers off, then take a bunch of pics in hopes of getting one perfect one while the P20 user is once again able to rely on their reflexes and the device to take care of all those chores.

All of this is meant to make a compelling case for users to opt for a Huawei P20 or one of the variants, the P20 Pro or the P20 Lite. With their tag “#SeeMooore” and the use of triple “o” Huawei appears to be planning to highlight the triple lens design they are adopting for their new flagship devices. As the first manufacturer to implement a triple lens setup, that will definitely be a unique selling point for them although we still wait for more information on how exactly they plan to use all of these lens.

Do you think the Huawei P20 will raise the bar in a significant way for smartphone camera capabilities?

source: Huawei (YouTube)

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