Microsoft won’t be preinstalling apps on the Galaxy S9

Samsung and Microsoft have had a good relationship for the past few years with Galaxy S phones being sold directly through Microsoft and being preloaded with some of Microsoft’s most popular apps. However, that partnership is changing up a bit for the Galaxy S9.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S9 are open at the Microsoft store, but they won’t be coming with any Microsoft applications this time around. Instead, if someone purchases the phone at a Microsoft store the employees are directed to offer to help set up the device with Microsoft services.

All in all, this is probably a better move for consumers since they’ll have less bloat to contend with on their brand new device. Sure, the phones are loaded with storage and an option for an SD card, but less unwanted stuff is always preferable.

And if you want to load up your new device with Outlook, Office, Cortana, and OneDrive, Microsoft’s been hard at work making their apps excellent on Android.

source: On MSFT