Samsung Galaxy S9 pre-orders have begun shipping, has your order arrived yet?

While Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ was the biggest launch event of MWC 2018, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that perhaps it wasn’t the most exciting in terms of the handsets themselves. Regardless of how reviewers feel about the Korean company’s somewhat samey follow-up to the Galaxy S8, you can be sure that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will both sell by the boatload. Being able to pre-order the handset almost immediately after the launch will have certainly helped matters, and reports are coming in that units have begun being received, both in the US and in the UK. 

Some Sprint users are reporting that their pre-orders have begun shipping, while here in the UK, I can confirm that I have just taken custody of a Galaxy S9+ that was ordered directly from Samsung. So the ball has definitely begun rolling in both the US and the UK with regards to preorders being shipped and or delivered.

As an aside, this is a perfect opportunity to relay to LG that this is how a launch should go by announcing a handset and having preorders go live with a week of the phone being announced, with shipping to start one or even two weeks after that. Unlike LG’s handling of its much-praised V30 smartphone that was announced on August 31st in 2017  that took ages to become available. Anyway, I digress.

Have you received tracking details for your Galaxy S9/S9+ pre-order yet or have you actually taken delivery of the handset? If so, let us know which carrier or retailer you placed the order with so we can update the article accordingly.

Via: AndroidCentral

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  • Luis A. Vaquera II

    I received my shipping notification from Tmobile yesterday

  • Kim Bennett

    I received a notice from Sprint that “your order has shipped” on 3/8. On 3/10 I received an email with the new lease details and the instructions for returning my old phone. However when I check the UPS tracking it continues to say the shipping label has been generated but UPS doesn’t actually have it yet so it would seem my phone is still sitting in a warehouse in Louisville KY. A little premature of Sprint to send me a lease agreement and congratulations on my new phone I think.

    • Gupone

      I have had my shipping tracking number since 3/8 with no estimated delivery date

  • mbamber01

    I prefer ordered GS9 US Unlocked from Samsung and no shipping info yet…? Was promised by 3-14 so I am getting a little concerned. Any one else get confirmed shipping info from Samsung yet??

    • Jeremy Pappas

      Same here

      • mbamber01

        Jeremy, first..great picture! Second…soon as I get my shipping info I will post it… as it will have to be tomorrow…if they are going to make the 14th arrival target. I am trading in a phone as well..thanks !

    • GR

      Same here. Ordered att version fm Samsung USA back on the 5th but nothing yet.

  • Gupone

    I have had my tracking number f ok Sprint since 3/8 with no estimated delivery date

  • Eric Moore

    Shipping won’t start untill the 12th. Samsung won’t slow it because that is when Samsung is shipping there preferred orders. They won’t allow a carrier to put a phone in the hands of there customer before Samsung themself. So like myself and others we have our phones in a box ready to be shipped but just sitting in a warehouse…

    • mbamber01

      Just got my confirmation that my pre order shipped on 3-11 direct from Sammy…US Unlocked

  • Keith

    My wife & I both preordered us-unlocked directly through Sammy back on the 11th. Hers was delivered on the 14th. Mine is still “confirmed” without a shipping status. Hers was the blue, mine is black. Checked with Samsung via chat & the only info they will give me is the same as on the website “confirmed”.