[TA Deals] Sleep better with a discounted Pzizz Pro subscription

Sleep is important, and I think that might be one of the only things that we can all universally agree with. Sometimes good sleep can be hard to come by, though, but with modern smartphones there are apps that can help with that. One of those apps, Pzizz Pro, is actually available with a discount right now.

The app helps you with sleeping, napping, and focusing by using specifically generated sounds to improve the quality of your sleep to help you stay asleep and wake up feeling better.

  • Human-composed, algorithmically remixed sounds optimize getting you to sleep, keeping you asleep, & waking you up feeling refreshed
  • Set your listening time for any length up to 24 hours
  • Control the soothing voiceover separately from the music
  • Personalize your sounds over time automatically
  • Use offline to get a good sleep anywhere
  • Access advanced features like fadeout timers, custom alarm songs, sleep history tracking, & more

Right now you can pick up a discounted three year subscription to Pzizz Pro for just $49, an 83% savings over the regular price. And if you’re not a fan of recurring subscriptions, you can also pick up a lifetime account for $119.

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