[TA Deals] Become a full stack developer with this discounted eBook bundle

One of the best ways to make yourself more valuable in the web development world is to learn the entire process of building a website, from the back end tech to the front end design. We’re offering a full bundle of eBooks to help you get started with that.

The Full Stack Developer bundle includes 16 books that you can access whenever you’d like. It covers several web development and scripting languages, plus best practices for interfaces.

  • Access 16 best-selling ebooks 24/7
  • Discover how to build both the front-end & back-end of websites
  • Explore topics like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Git, & more
  • Learn essential UX tactics
  • Start coding in JavaScript, Rails, & more

This bundle will currently only cost you $29, a discount of over 90% compared to buying all of these eBooks individually.

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