Nokia waffles on whether or not their new phones will come to the US

If you’re excited about Nokia’s new crop of phones, hopefully you don’t live in the US. While discussing where exactly these phones would be available, HMD Global flip-flopped a bit on their position and gave some disappointing news for anyone in the United States.

As of right now, these phones are primarily for regions like Europe, India, and Russia, not the US. Originally HDM Global said that none of the new devices would be available in the US, period, but less than 24 hours later walked back that statement, at least partially.

HMD said that the statement just meant that the phones wouldn’t be coming with carrier partnerships, so don’t expect a Nokia on AT&T or anything. However, that only applies to the Nokia 6, so you realistically won’t see the Nokia 7 or Nokia 8 here in any shape or form. If you want one of those, you’ll have to import.

The Nokia 6, on the other hand, should be available in the US in May, but likely only as an unlocked variant. That’s also not promising news for anyone on Verizon, but we might see another Amazon partnership like what happened with last year’s Nokia 6.

So at this point, if you want a new Nokia device, it’s probably best to just wait and see if HMD expands their plans later this year. But hey, tons of other stuff got announced at MWC this year.

source: CNet

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