HTC hit with layoffs in the US, putting their American smartphone business in doubt

Anybody who’s been in the Android scene since its inception has no doubt had some experience with one of HTC’s products. They lead the early charge into the mainstream smartphone market, and they’ve dabbled in just about everything from under Google’s umbrella.

Despite that great history, it’s no secret that HTC isn’t doing so well these days. To make that worse, they’re restructuring part of their smartphone business that’s set to hit the US especially hard.


HTC has laid off an undisclosed number of employees in their US office, and rumors say it could be anywhere from a few dozen to 100. The only people left in the US office are employees for handling HTC Global business.


HTC confirmed some internal layoffs, clarifying that they’ve merged their smartphone and VR business in each region and had to restructure these offices to maximize resources for that.

No matter how you slice it, it’s hard to see this as anything positive for HTC in the US market. Sales have been lackluster, and even though we’re pretty sure an HTC U12 will happen at some point in 2018, 2019 and beyond are totally up in the air and could see HTC exit the market completely.

Personally, I doubt we’ll see HTC completely depart from selling US smartphones, but I could definitely see it pared down to just mid-range and budget phones, skipping the brutally competitive flagship market entirely. And on the bright side, it opens the company up to more partnerships with Valve in the VR space, assuming no one else swoops into to purchase them before that.

source: Digital Trends

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Goran

    Something is very wrong with the world where Huawei is 3rd manufacturer in the world and htc is struggling to survive.
    And it’s time that htc decides will it be OP or Samsung. Htc is simply not competitive with pricing and offering. And they can’t afford to charge as they did in the past. Simple as that. Me personally, I can’t forgive them 3.5 removal yet. It was an amazing 3.5….