Android Pay officially becomes Google Pay

The day is finally here, and Google is dropping the Android Pay brand for Google Pay. The new service keeps pretty much all of the features of the older Android Pay platform, but long term will also integrate Google Wallet features. There are still some things in the pipeline, but we’ll go over what you can do with the new app today.

The biggest change you’ll likely notice is the redesign of the app itself. The new Home tab will show you all of your Google Pay related stuff front and center, including recent purchases, available cards, rewards cards, and nearby stores.

The layout is very Google-y, which many of us will definitely appreciate. You’ll be able to hop over to the Cards tab at the bottom of the screen, which is where Google Pay keeps all of your credit and debit cards, plus your rewards and store cards.

This keeps all of your cards organized and readily available so you’re not fumbling around at the cash register.

As far as features go, Google is also adding the option to pay on public transit in a handful of supported cities. It’s still backed by Google’s tough encryption so your payments are secure, too.

Pretty much everything from Android Pay is still present in Google Pay as well, so you won’t lose any features in this transition. Since Google Pay also plans on integrating Google Wallet features, you’ll be able to send and request money from other users in the next few months. That feature isn’t live yet, so you’ll still have to use Google Wallet until now. To line up with that transition, the Google Wallet app will become Google Pay Send so you won’t be without functionality until everything settles in.

source: Google
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