Android Wear 2.9.0 update brings unread notifications to watch faces

As much as it seems like Google has abandoned it, Android Wear is getting another not-insignificant update that’s adding a brand new feature to the platform. Android Wear 2.9.0, according to Google documentation, will bring unread notification badges to watch faces. Hurrah!

Now don’t expect to see unread notifications on your watch right away. Google just updated the SDK, and we’ll still have to wait for the update to become official and then still roll out to whatever watch you have, but rest assured, it’s coming.

Watch faces will be able to display a single colored dot like you see on app icons on your phone, or they can opt for a counter with the total number of unread notifications.

If you’re impatient and want to dig into the nitty gritty and see some other under-the-hood changes that Google is making with Android Wear 2.9.0, you can read up on their blog post below.

source: Android Developers Blog