Audiobooks reportedly getting a dedicated section on Play Store with 50% discount on first purchase

I’ve always found it strange that audiobooks were in the music section of the Play Store and not within the books section, it just didn’t quite make sense. Thanks to a banner ad that has begun appearing for some users on both the web and Play Store app, it would seem that audiobooks will soon get a dedicated section of its own on the Play Store.

As reported by 9to5Google, the dedicated link to the audiobooks section doesn’t work at the moment, instead delivering a 404 message.While Google hasn’t made an official announcement as yet, it seems that there is a promotion ready-to-go offering users a 50% discount on the first audiobook purchased.

It’s unclear exactly when the audiobooks section will go live, but with the banner appearing with the 50% discount promotion, it would be a safe bet to say that it will be sooner than later. The addition of a dedicated audiobook section in the Play Store will hopefully bring much-needed competition to Audible.

What do you think of audiobooks getting a dedicated section on the Play Store?

Source: 9to5Google