Motorola E5 leaks with a fingerprint sensor on the back

One of the most recognizable features of Motorola’s Moto X line was the dimple on the back with their logo. Many other phones in their portfolio had the same cosmetic quirk, but none of them offered any functionality. It always seemed like a logical (and even intended) place for a fingerprint sensor. Well, a leaked image of the upcoming Motorola E5 shows that they’ve finally brought that concept to fruition. I guess better late than never.

Last year’s Moto E4 and E4 Plus had improved fingerprint sensors on the front with static, circular logos on the back. The E5’s back looks similar, but that logo now doubles as a fingerprint sensor. A chrome ring on the edge of the sensor helps distinguish it from previous year’s non-functional logos. Motorola’s full name is also printed on the bottom front where its predecessor’s fingerprint sensor was (below).

Although Motorola has finally taken that step forward that many of us have waited years for, the E5 apparently has a microUSB port instead of USB Type-C, which is a step back in 2018. Other features include a single rear camera, 16:9 screen aspect ratio and possibly an all metal build.

The E5 probably won’t launch until the end of Q2 as the E4 models launched in June 2017. That being said, the clock widget on the leaked image shows April 3rd, so perhaps it’ll launch earlier than expected. The retail price should be less than $200 and a Plus model could also launch alongside it. This is definitely something for Motorola fans to look forward to that have pined for that rear fingerprint sensor since the original Moto X.

Source: mysmartprice

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