OnePlus 3T beta software was accidentally sending clipboard data off to Chinese servers

There’s some not-so-great news about the beta update for the OnePlus 3T; apparently, it was accidentally sending copied clipboard information to a Chinese server owned by Alibaba. Oops.

The beta update for Oreo with December’s security update was caught trying to access a suspicious IP address with the built-in clipboard application, and after some digging from a concerned user, that IP address was linked to a Chinese server operated by Alibaba.

Now, generally you don’t want anyone snooping in on the information that you store locally on your device, but when it gets shifted off to something overseas, that’s a really bad look. OnePlus (kind of) explained the situation by saying it was a “feature” that was only intended for Chinese users, and that they would be removing the “feature” for the global market. It sounds like a pretty crappy feature to me, but hey, at least users outside of China won’t have to deal with it, I guess. Sorry Chinese readers.

Anyway, the feature is supposedly already removed from the newer builds of Oxygen OS, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on from OnePlus going forward.

source: OnePlus

via: Android Police

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