Samsung will now use SmartThings for all of its connected devices

Smart homes are becoming more common these days and are no longer in niche territory. Inexpensive smart speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini have made it easier than ever to connect appliances, home security, thermostats, lighting and more to a central hub. Samsung will now make things even easier by consolidating over 40 connected apps, including Samsung Connect and Samsung Smart Home, into their sole SmartThings app for a simplified ecosystem. Since Samsung’s acquisition of SmartThings in 2014, the IoT platform is in over one million homes and connected to over ten million devices, making it the largest smart home ecosystem.

Samsung wants to make the SmartThings app available on virtually all of its connected devices with a screen, including appliances, smartwatches (Gear S3 and Gear Sport), televisions and more. This will be possible as the SmartThings app is getting a major overhaul in Q1 2018 for both Android and iOS, and will be available globally. The overhaul will allow developers to create custom in-app panels that will broaden its capabilities. Samsung plans to make 300 new panels and it’s an open platform for anyone else to make new ones as well. “With the rollout of the SmartThings app and the new, unique panels for developers, we are leading the next stage of consumer IoT which will create more services available in the smart home industry,” said Robert Parker, SVP of Engineering.

“SmartThings has always been dedicated to creating both valuable and enjoyable experiences for consumers by better connecting their homes. Our open-ecosystem is the most versatile, secure, and simple offering, making it the ideal solution for consumers, device makers, and developers,” said Alex Hawkinson, CEO and Founder of SmartThings.

Trying to use different smart devices within a household can be confusing and anything but seamless. The overall goal of using SmartThings for all of Samsung’s connected devices is to simplify this user experience.

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Source: Business Wire

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