LG will also join Google’s Smart Display platform with the ThinQ WK9

Google’s Smart Displays have been one of the more popular gadgets at CES this year, and several manufacturers are joining in on the party. Lenovo kicked things off first, and JBL announced their Link View yesterday. Today, LG is showing off their spin on the video-enabled smart speaker.

It’s got an awful name, but the LG ThinQ WK9 sticks with a traditional squared-off design as opposed to JBL’s rounded speakers. LG didn’t talk much about the guts of the WK9, but we know it has an 8-inch screen and all of the other Smart Display features: Google Assistant, the ability to watch YouTube and make Duo calls, and integration with other devices around your house.

Aside from that, no word on pricing or availability. With the previous two speakers coming out in the middle of 2018 we can expect LG to clarify that pretty soon, so keep an ear out.

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